About us
Mafrase began trading in 2013, and since then we have strived to stimulate growth in diverse areas, favouring a spirit of partnership in our relationships with clients, as we believe that “giving is synonymous with receiving” and that “sharing knowledge is a pillar of growth in any business.”

Our conduct is guided by an attitude based on ethics and professionalism, relying on our own network of collaborators who have the necessary technical skills to fulfil the objectives we work towards on behalf of our clients.

Our main aim is to respond to our clients’ needs and expectations, providing solutions that allow for a real increase in value of human capital, contributing to increased employability and competitivity.
At Mafrase, we bring together a single capital that allows for integration and strengthening of global and creative solutions. We are highly committed to the quality of our collaborators, as we want to be more widely known, but also to be recognised for the quality of our service, for the diversity of innovative services we offer, as well as a faster response time to requests from our clients.
We are here to establish long-lasting relationships based on knowledge and responsibility, so that our partners always have good reason to be with us.



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